Balkan String Projekt Band

The “Balkan String Projekt” is acoustic string band Gypsy Balkan Fusion at it’s finest from Dave Holodiloff’s talented ensemble of musicians. Jump on a musical caravan and be taken away to the beautiful melodies of Romania, Serbia, Greece, Moldova, Turkey, Bulgaria, and beyond! Band leader and mandolinist Dave Holodiloff pulls the best musicians together in a united vision to create amazing music in a style that is all his own!

Going beyond the old world melodies and dance rhythms of Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey, the group often blurs the lines between jazz, jam, and traditional Balkan folk. Holodiloff’s fresh take on songs of the old world will surprise and delight both fans of the mandolin and Traditional Balkan Folk music. Balkan folk dancers will love the diverse variety of Coceks, Geamparales, Ratchentitsas, Kopanitsas, Horas, and a host of other assymetrical rhythms to dance the night away to!

Enjoy this playlist of videos from the Dave Holodiloff Balkan String Projekt!