Balkan String Projekt II: California Caravan

Balkan String Projekt II
Balkan String Projekt II
  1. Do Marr Ciften Dave Holodiloff 4:29
  2. Epic Kopanitsa Dave Holodiloff 6:38
  3. Caje Sukarije Dave Holodiloff 5:26
  4. Elijjah’s Hasapiko Elijjah McCullar 4:40
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The latest album from the Dave Holodiloff Band, Balkan String Projekt II: California Caravan will take you on a string based musical journey from the Balkans to Big Sur and back! Fusing traditional folk music from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Albania, and more, along with a few Eastern Europe-meets-California inspired originals, band leader Dave Holodiloff collaborates with various guest musicians to bring the “Projekt” to life. In addition to Holodiloff’s signature mandolin and vocals, the album features violinist, singer, and cumbus player Elijjah McCullar on a variety of ballads, upbeat dances, and some wild and jazzy jams. Hop on the “California Caravan” and enjoy acoustic world folk fusion at it’s finest from the Dave Holodiloff Band’s Balkan String Projekt!

Dave Holodiloff: Born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula of California, Dave Holodiloff is fully devoted to exploring the acoustic frontiers of the mandolin from his home in the USA and touring internationally to Europe and even South America. Playing over 200 performances a year as the leader of the Dave Holodiloff Band, Balkan String Projekt, freelance artist, and “SOLO-diloff”, Dave has made a name for himself both as a performer at festivals and concert venues and as an acoustic event entertainment specialist. His dynamic musical repertoire includes Originals, World, Pop, Gypsy, Celtic, Bluegrass, Latin, Jazz, and more. An experienced percussionist, vocalist, musical producer, and guitar player in addition to his skills on the mandolin, Dave is a sought after bandleader and collaborator.

Elijjah McCullar: Fiddle phenom, cumbus (Turkish banjo) specialist, and soulful singer Elijjah McCullar hails from the Sierra Nevada and is well versed in Balkan, Celtic, World, and Bluegrass (a rare combination in any performer). Young Elijjah got his start on the classical violin at age 10 and quickly expanded to Bluegrass, Celtic, and was then introduced to Turkish and Balkan music at age 12. Through mentorship from the Romani diaspora of California, study of ethnomusicology at UCLA, playing in varied belly dancing ensembles, and traveling throughout the Balkans extensively, McCullar has developed a unique style that is all his own. In addition to singing, violin, and the cumbus, Elijjah is well versed in mandolin, oud, bouzuki, and a variety of world folk instruments.

Perhaps Elijjah McCullar’s most talented gift of all is his knack for discovering beautiful melodies of the old world and breathing new life into them with a touch of “California” fusion. His voice carries a richness well beyond his young years…as does his instrumental work on a variety of stringed instruments. Introducing a variety of Balkan dance rhythms, songs of Greece and Albania, and original material, Elijah’s contribution to the Dave Holodiloff Band’s latest Balkan String Projekt II album “California Caravan” has been nothing short of immeasurable.