Dave Holodiloff Band CD Now Available!

Dave sings sqDave Holodiloff is excited to announce his first album of original music! With a sound that is equal parts jazz band and jam band, string band and symphony, this album is guaranteed to get you grooving. Combining timeless influences from diverse music traditions, these songs fuse elements of Funk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Celtic, Traditional, Latin, and Folk to produce an original acoustic sound that is unique and exciting. Complex rhythms that stir the soul and shake the body are interwoven with exotic harmonies, haunting melodies, and daring improvisation to produce music that is both unexpected and delightful. Lushly instrumented with mandolin, violin, guitar, string bass, piano, drums, percussion, saxophone, clarinet, and flute, the album features superb performances by Kenny Stahl, Stuart Reynolds, Steve Uccello, Peter Mellinger, Nik Bortolussi, Billy Jones, and of course, Dave Holodiloff. Order today!

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Dave Holodiloff's Original Music, Live: MM Polaroid band 2