Dave Holodiloff Band

Equal parts jam and jazz, where the string band meets the symphony. A striking fusion of funky fun and refined artistry guaranteed to get you groovin’.

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Dave Holodiloff Band will take you on a high energy acoustic adventure. From simmering Samba to Gypsy Jazz, Celtic reels to World fusion, this original music draws on diverse traditions to produce a unique sound that stirs the body and soul. Stunning melodies, haunting harmonies, thumping rhythms, and imaginative improvisation come together to delightful effect through lush combinations of mandolin, guitar, violin, bass, piano, flute, saxophone, clarinet, voice, and percussion. Don’t miss the extraordinary performances by Kenny Stahl, Peter Mellinger, Steve Uccello, Stu Reynolds, Nik Bortolussi, Billy Jones, and Dave Holodiloff.

Early Reviews

“Unbelievable original songs from Dave’s new CD – played to perfection by some of the best musicians 0n the peninsula! Each song was a treat to the ears, refreshingly fresh and pumped with rhythm that makes you move!” – Kiki Wow

“Dave’s new CD is a great album, and a quantum step forward for Dave. Tasty playing, wide range of mood and tempo, nice instrumental textures, interesting original tunes… anyone who already knows Dave’s mandolin skills should definitely check this one out, and everyone else who likes eclectic string-flavored acoustic jazz should too.” – Ed Mellinger

“What an exciting, beautiful album. Dave’s music is adventurous and sophisticated, moving between different world music traditions in a way that is fun and evocative. Peter Mellinger, Stu Reynolds, Kenny Stahl, Steve Uccello, Nik Bortolussi, Billy Jones, and Dave Holodiloff are really incredible musicians, and did some exceptional playing on the CD.” – Amy Warren