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Dave's Bio:

Dave Holodiloff is a mandolin player, vocalist, composer, and band leader known for his inventive arrangements, expressive musicianship and ability to inspire partnerships with amazing musicians. Dave has made a name for himself both as a performer at festivals and concert venues and as an acoustic event entertainment specialist, bringing the party to weddings and events throughout Northern California and beyond. A devoted craftsman on the mandolin, his diverse recordings include Original Music, Bluegrass, Jazz, Celtic, World Favorites, Holiday Classics, and even a Grateful Dead Bluegrass Tribute.   Dave Holodiloff Band (1 of 1)

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Band Bio:

The Dave Holodiloff Band is an original acoustic adventure that is equal parts jam and jazz, string band and symphony. A fantastic fusion of fun and sophistication, the music blends symphonic, traditional acoustic, and improvisatory elements to create a sound that is pure excitement. For fans of Bluegrass, Gypsy Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Folk, or Funk, the music will both delight and surprise. The band brings high-energy fun performance and an all-age appeal. Dave Holodiloff Band Bio 2

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