11th Annual Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash

August 1, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
Mid Carmel Valley
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Dave Holodiloff invites you to the 11th Annual Jerry Garcia Birthday Tribute, for a night of fun organic music and funky far-out jams. Join us for a beautiful and relaxed Saturday night in a spacious outdoor location. Don’t miss this once-a-year magical night of festive celebration and tribute to one of the greatest musicians of all time! The band will be rocking the night away, so get ready to party.
The evening will feature a broad and danceable selection of songs (and some jazzy jams) spanning Jerry Garcia’s career with “The Grateful Dead”, “Old and In The Way”, and more. Get ready to ride that train with “Casey Jones” all the way home! Driven by Dave’s high-energy mandolin and accompanied by a smoking hot band, this annual tradition is sure to delight both “dead-icated” fans of Jerry Garcia and lovers of quality musical entertainment.

Dave Holodiloff’s “Grateful Dead Bluegrass Tribute”, tie-dyed Ts and Hoodies will be buy one get one free at the show. The CD features inventive arrangements of classic Grateful Dead favorites like “Friend Of The Devil” and “Scarlet Begonias” interspersed with original improvisations and even an acoustic Old-Timey psychedelic space jam on the more obscure “Mountains of the Moon”.

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