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In all the years that I have been taking guitar and bass lessons, Dave Holodiloff, is the best teacher I have ever experienced. He is the most professional, thorough, and makes the most use of teaching time. Dave is reliable, friendly, and responsible. I recommend him for beginners as well as virtuoso performers for mandolin and guitar. For recording, Dave is a real pro also. He shows up on time and gets the job done with superb excellence. There are not enough adjectives to describe how highly I think of Dave Holodiloff as a music teacher, recording artist, and overall person of high character. – Robert Josey

Our son James has become a confident, self-motivated, and capable mandolin player and musician with Dave Holodiloff. We’ve loved seeing our boy enjoy and improve his music and in public performances. We’re thankful for James’ experience with Dave’s musicianship, patience, and teaching ability. – Mary & Joe Welsh

Dave is an insanely talented musician and a fantastic music teacher. As a beginning mandolin student with absolutely no experience, I value his focus on teaching good fingering and picking technique, as well as his attention to fundamentals… scales, chords, rhythm and music theory. He is infinitely patient, chooses great songs to play and makes each lesson totally fun! He has a knack for inspiring me to work hard and have a good time learning things that are new and difficult. Dave has a relaxed manner I appreciate, is skilled in many musical styles and demonstrates just how beautiful and varied the mandolin can sound.” -Nikki Nedeff


Thanks again for taking time out to teach me more about the wonderful world of music; been a long time coming for this cowgirl. I can not tell you how happy I am that God arranged for me to run into you. It has given me an enthusiasm for playing and creating music again. The things we have gone over the past 6 months have inspired and changed my life.  -Joyce DeCou Hamann

It is so great that my son comes home pumped up to show off the song he learned from you – love that! Thanks so much!! -Tracy Sanborn

When starting acoustic guitar lessons I decided to lesson with Dave Holodiloff because I admired his musicianship. He plays with a great combination of technique, expression, and versatility. In lessons he has done a great job of communicating insights in all of those areas. The lessons are so useful- they inspire me to practice and I am improving faster than I could have hoped. Dave is one of those very rare people who is both an excellent musician and an effective teacher. He has a real talent for fostering musicianship in others and I feel lucky to be learning from him. -Amy Warren

I vowed to learn mandolin years ago, and while I played with friends or along with CD’s, I would only strum lazy chords on the first three frets. My untrained fingers flew about and I couldn’t play the right note if life itself depended on it. Better musicians would try to explain scales and techniques, but I would accuse them of speaking in a foreign language. In just four lessons with Dave Holodiloff, I play scales, understand them, and am even learning to read music! – Joy Colangelo

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