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Dave Holodiloff is a talented fellow who I can’t say enough good things about. He’s a multi-talented individual with a true gift. He is one heck of a fine mandolinist, and plays a variety of other instruments as well. He plays constantly, plays with everybody, plays Bluegrass, Celtic, Jazz, and Rock with equal adeptness, and whatever he plays, he grooves. -Arden Eaton (KPIG/Kelly Productions)

Thanks for rockin’ out at Don Quixote’s last night and starting our new year off right! The variety of music, played with exceptionally great chops and with a superduper dose of humor tossed in, was rich and satisfying… It took quite a while for the big wide grin to leave my face. I cannot wait to see your band again. You Guys are ALL Rock Stars!! -Dish de LishI’ve been a fan for some time. Your music, your aura, and your spirit have always brought a smile to my face. -Jason Kozun (Spero School)

What an outstanding show! I felt so grateful to have been there; it would seem almost tragic to have lived my whole life without experiencing your music. Each and every one of your band members added sooo much! We can hardly get over the talent of “Gene Krupa,Jr ” on drums!  We were astonished that so much talent could fit inside those 4 walls! BRAVO! -Kathy Cuen-Ashby

Every time I mention that I have a wonderful mandolin player, Dave Holodiloff, to accompany me on the Santa Lucia, people swoon! -Valerie Lumley

We contacted Dave to play music with our impromptu Bluegrass Band because we had heard that he was one of the best Mandolin players in the Monterey area.  Dave was a great asset to our band and his positive energy on stage along with his solid mandolin playing made our event a great success!  I would highly recommend Dave to anyone wanting to hear some classic Bluegrass mandolin or Gypsy Folk music from a home grown Pacific Grove local.  Our group of over 800 architects loved the setting and music at Asilomar and the authentic mandolin that Dave added made the event even more classic. -Michael Holliday

mark lewis

Dave Holodiloff approached the music with exuberance and clarity. A virtuoso, he was ready to try anything and I enjoyed his unique style. -Mark Lewis

He’s young, good looking, can play virtually any stringed instrument and play them well, he can go from Bluegrass to Jazz to Grateful Dead tunes as easily as I change shirts and he can sing… So go check Dave Holodiloff out… you will be highly entertained. -Mac McDonald (Mac About Town)

I love hearing you play whether it’s at the market or with the full septet, and I love hearing Foggy Coast whenever you play it! -Leigh Fitz
Dave, just have to tell you again how much Alice (Mama P. Jama) and I love your “Jazz Trio” cd!!!! You are our most listened to artist, it is an honor to know you! – Rama P. Jama

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Dave Holodiloff’s concert at Pacific Grove Art Center was amazing beyond words. My husband said it was the best music he has seen in a long time, and some of the best musicianship ever. He was right on both counts. Dave Holodiloff’s original music was the highlight of the show for both of us. It was a tremendous pleasure to see his trio in a room with good acoustics, and Dave Holodiloff, Steve Ucello, and Kenny Stahl sounded great both together and individually.  Truly brilliant music that everyone should get out to witness. -Amy Warren

Your music is so immediately engaging. -Ed Eyth

AMAZING! The Best performance of this group I’ve seen yet. Kenny Stahl on flute, piccalo and “bass flute”, Nik on drums and clarinet (as Dave said “half man, half amazing”), and a great bass player! The group did some skating, some Irish, some traditional, some bluegrass, and tons of improve. What a fantastic two hours of music–the packed house gave them a standing ovation. -Liz from Monterey Jazz Junkies


I enjoyed all of Dave Holodiloff’s CDs. I think the one I like best is the “Jazz Trio” album. I like it when a musician takes an instrument into territories that it is not normally heard. -Randy Farran

Everyone is enjoying your Enchanted Winter CD, and the baby rocks out to it, which is very cute. The album is truly beautiful. I especially like the rendition of Jingle Bells. Wonderful work. -Alina Orlov

Really diggin’ Dave Holodiloff’s album ‘”Traditional Duets”. Jam to it on the daily. -Steven Siglin

Adam Joseph’s article is nice, and 100% true. Dave Holodiloff is the hardest working musician in Monterey! -Arden Eaton (KPIG/Kelly Productions)


I’m a big fan of Dave Holodiloff and so is my son. Dave’s talent convinced him to pick up the mandolin and then banjo. He also started playing rockabilly and listening to blue grass after he saw Dave and realized it was a ‘cool’ genre. -Steve Ellzey (AMP Media)

“Beloved Songs of Ireland” is Dave Holodiloff’s best CD yet. Peter Mellinger’s fiddle is fabulous. The two play very tight. The instrumentals are rich and Dave’s voice is very strong. -Terry

Wow. Dave Holodiloff’s playing is outstanding! I love that kind of freedom of playing. He really does get a jazz/funk sound out of that mandolin. -Crabgrass ( review of original song “Funkin’ A”)

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