Dave Holodiloff Band Front Print GDBGCDsm DHJazzCDSm IrishCDSm BluegCDSm EnchantedCDSM Web Dave Holodiloff has recorded and released nine albums with some of the finest musicians in Northern California.  A master craftsman on the mandolin, these recordings seek to evoke the sound and sense of the era infused with a distinctly modern energy.  All of the albums feature Dave's impeccable technique, danceable rhythms, and exciting improvisations.

New Release: Balkan String Projekt

The "Balkan String Projekt" is acoustic string band Gypsy Balkan Fusion at it's finest from Dave Holodiloff's talented ensemble of musicians. Jump on a musical caravan and be taken away to the beautiful melodies of Romania, Serbia, Greece, Moldova, Turkey, Bulgaria, and beyond!
The group features violinist Peter Mellinger, upright bassist Bill Sullivan, guitarist Isaac Misri, and Michael Martinez on piano! Band leader and mandolinist Dave Holodiloff pulls the best musicians together in a united vision to create amazing music in a style that is all his own!
The concept for the "Balkan String Projekt" album came about after Dave befriended traveling gypsy guitar player Isaac Misri on tour in the USA from from Eastern Europe. After playing a few Balkan tunes together and feeling the incredible synergy between the strings of the guitar and mandolin, Dave quickly added bandmates Bill Sullivan (bass) and Peter Mellinger (violin) to the mix and the Balkan String Projekt was born!
Going beyond the old world melodies and dance rhythms of Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey, the album often blurs the lines between jazz, jam, and traditional Balkan folk. Furthermore, the common theme of stringed instruments playing the lead melodies and improvisational solos adds to the unique sonic landscape the group is able to create. Michael Martinez adds a new age classical jazz piano sound on select tracks, taking the arrangements to an alternate dimension. Additionally, Dave adds some percussion to up the energy level!
Holodiloff's fresh take on songs of the old world will surprise and delight both fans of the mandolin and Traditional Balkan Folk music. Balkan folk dancers will love the diverse variety of Coceks, Geamparales, Ratchentitsas, Kopanitsas, Horas, and a host of other assymetrical rhythms to dance the night away to! This is a timeless album that will be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come.

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